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I'm a Senior in Computer Science and Astronomy with passions ranging from Technology and Innovation to International Relations and Soccer(iHalaMadrid!).
Last summer I worked at Riverbed Technologies as a Software Engineering Intern. I worked atPayPal Inc, San Jose under the Risk Management and Infrastructure team in Summer 2018.
In Summer 2017, I interned in the Jasper Division of Cisco Systems, Santa Clara, whereing I worked on the deployment of Firmware and Software Over the Air (FOTA/SOTA) updates for IoT devices.
I am also a founding member and VP of Software Engineering for the Illini Internet of Things Association
In my spare time I help run the annual Model United Nations Conference on Campus as the Under-Secretary-General of Technology Operations for MUNI


FastTrack, LLC

CTO & Co-Founder

- Developing a collaboration hub for artists & professionals in the music industry looking to take their careers to the next level. - Part of the prestigious iVenture Accelerator (Cohort 6) at the University of Illinois

Riverbed Technologies

Software Engineering Intern

- Developed a more efficient bug-assignment and management system to assign the high priority tasks to the right team and generate relevant statistics to find areas to improve upon based on Django, JS and Jira APIs
- The project is on track to become the de facto pipeline for trend reporting and distilling customer experience to use as guidance in product development and lead to better coordination in terms of priorities between customer facing staff and engineering

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Cyber Security Student Work/Study

- Student Work/Study with Professor Bambenek and University Tech Services
- Further securing the University Network by configuring ExaBGP to support the pending deployment of The Black Hole Router research network for automated blocking and dropping of maliciously flagged requests.
- Developing a proof of concept for Google Rapid Response integration for Security Incident Response at the University.

PayPal Inc

Software Engineering Intern

Developed and designed a Real-Time Fraud Detection System for PayPal/Venmo-Mastercard Debit Cards by consolidating data from multiple pipelines and identifying high risk merchant and customer accounts while generating relevant statistics and Reduced turnaround time from 1-2 days to instantaneous for the complaint addressal by Customer Service Representatives

Model United Nations Illinois

Under-Secretary-General of Technology Operations

In charge of every technology-related component of the Model UN conference from the web site, to the registration process, to printing during the weekend of the conference

Illini Internet of Things Association

VP Software Engineering and Co-Founder

Partnered with major companies, accelerators in Silicon Valley and professors at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign to create awareness about and dive deep into the IoT revolution Currently working on Proctor Augmentation and Cheating Detection in the Computer Based Testing Facility. By Integrating Facial Detection APIs with PraireLearn (Testing System). Also working on Smart Lighting for Dorm Rooms and Google Home skills to automate delivery of electronic parts directly from a supplier

Cisco Systems

Software Engineering Intern

I worked under the Jasper Division at Cisco, which is a leader in the Internet of Things(IoT) sphere. I was working on the deployment of firmware updates and software over the air (FOTA/SOTA) to IoT devices following the Lwm2m Protocol and also designed a scheduler to handle critical device updates while setting priority by sleep cycle, criticality of update, connection strength, and the capability of the device to perform those updates according to device statistics. I was working mostly with Java, Spring, AWS and Redis

Model United Nations Illinois

Deputy Under-Secretary-General of Technology Operations

In charge of every technology-related component of the Model UN conference from the web site, to the registration process, to printing during the weekend of the conference

CS 196 - Freshman Honors

Teaching Assistant

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

August 2016 - May 2020

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science + Astronomy

GPA: 3.65
Dean's List: Fall 2016, Spring 2017, Fall 2017, Fall 2018
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Analyzes Cashtag tweets for Sentiment and makes predictions for the stock market using multi class logistic regression and Naive Bayes Classifiers

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Ask Eliza

Alexa Skill. Voice based virtual psychologist, using Alexa, while monitoring body functions such as body temperature and pulse. Which later provides personality analysis using the IBM Watson via Email. Uses machine learning to predict sentiment of user's voice input by correlating with change in pulse and body temperature.

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Kunai Bot

An Intelligent Travel Bot that helps you explore new cities in a more personalized manner so that you don't have to worry about being swindled about travel agents around the world and do reinforced learning on queries that it doesn't understand.

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Music Search Engine

Music Search Engine that queries Wikipedia, Spotify, and Twitter for Summary, Playlists and Tweets about the artist, respectively and then generates recommendations of Spotify playlists.

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